Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ultrasonic welding

Process Description of Plastic welding technology: The ultrasonic welding technology for plastics is assigned to the melting-welding process.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

LCD TVs - What You Should Know

Television imaging technology has come a long way since the 1931 when the first commercially practical cathode ray tube was made for television. Today liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs are becoming the dominant image technology. If you are thinking about buying a new LCD TV what should you know?
Plasma and LCD TVs - What's the difference? You will soon learn that there are two types of flat screen, high definition television (HDTV) -- Plasma and LCD. When you watch a movie on either Plasma or LCD, you are looking at possibly 2 million tiny pixels as they change color and form a moving image. In Plasma TVs, each pixel cell is like a tiny neon light bulb (containing plasma), switching on and off rapidly, contributing its part to the overall image you see on the screen. LCD TVs are based on an entirely different principle. A tiny LCD pixel requires a separate light source in back of the pixel. That lighting is called backlighting. The LCD pixel acts like a tiny shutter, reducing or blocking the light or allowing it to shine through as needed to form its small part of the big picture. Compared to LCD TVs, plasma TVs are generally brighter with higher contrast. They display images with less blur due to faster refresh rates and the inherent properties of the plasma pixels. However, Plasma TVs are generally more expensive, heavier, more fragile, require more electricity, and are more likely to have problems with burn-in (from images displayed too long) and burn-out (from long, extended use). The quality of LCD TVs has been rapidly improving due to advances in LCD TV design and manufacturing. Some manufacturers have discontinued production of plasma HDTVs and concentrated on LCD models.
LED backlighting can be either edge-lit or full-array. Edge lighting uses small LED lights arranged around the rim or perimeter of the TV behind the screen, along with a diffusion surface to distribute light as evenly as possible throughout the screen image. Full-array backlighting uses small LED lights distributed, not along the edge, but throughout the back of the screen. Improvements to full array backlighting include Local Dimming, where portions of the array are controlled separately. Our company mainly offer you lcd separators,if you want a LCD Separator,contact us quickly!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

LCD Refurbished Machine - 3 Key Things You Need to Know

Buying a LCD Refurbished Machine, not only saves you money, but it's the "in" thing to do nowadays. Here are 3 key things you need to check before buying refurbished LCD TVs.
Here's one: Make sure that you know what kind of TV you want. If you will mostly watch TV during the day, and you have good sunlight coming in, choose LCD. If you'll use it a lot for gaming, definitely choose LCD. With today's ever advancing technology, there is very little (if any) picture quality gap between plasma and LCD. Take your space measurements and check your budget to see what size LCD TV you can afford. When choosing which refurbished TV to buy, you should know your top 3 model numbers. When buying a refurbished LCD TV, you can definitely get much more value, and more TV for your money. When buying a refurbished TV, if you really want to make sure that you're not buying a lemon, or someone else's junk, stick with name brands. You can't really go wrong with those. Samsung, Sony, Sharp, etc. - these brands have stood the test of time. Their refurbished TVs have been inspected, fixed (if they needed to be fixed) and are thoroughly tested to make sure that they work just like new. All their refurbished LCD TVs meet the same factory standards that new TVs must meet. And finally, check to make certain that the refurbished LCD TV you're interested in comes with an original manufacturer's warranty. Besides giving you peace of mind, you know that this refurbished TV will perform well. After all, a warranty is sort of like a guarantee, and a manufacturer won't guarantee a product if it expects it will malfunction.
You definitely can get a name brand, high quality TV at incredible savings! Thousands have already done so. Telling your friends and family that you bought a LCD refurbished machine is your choice. Learn more about LCD refurbish machine, please visit our website of touch-times.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Choosing the Right Film Laminating Machine

Film lamination is a very simple process but we can benefit from it in a number of ways. The major advantages of film lamination are that it provides a highly professional, extra smooth finish, and also protects the paper or card surface from general wear and tear caused by everyday handling. The process of film lamination is carried out with the help of a Film Laminating Machine. With advancement in technology, machines have undergone refinement producing the two most common types of lamination machines - cold and hot laminators. A Hot laminator uses heat to laminate and provide a better quality lamination that offers more resistance to wear and tear. These types of laminators are the preferred method of lamination for materials that are not affected by heat. However, cold laminators are used when the material being laminated is very sensitive to heat. This type of laminator uses pressure sensitive adhesives to bind the lamination film.
Film lamination machines are widely used in offices and are available with ease in a variety of sizes, ranging from A1, A2, A3, A4 and ID at very reasonable prices. A lot of people prefer buying A4 laminators as A4 is the most common size of paper used for printing purposes. For offices, where lamination work is carried out on a daily basis, durable office laminating machines are the best choice. Surely before rushing into a office laminator or A4 laminator purchase, we must compare the available products to find out what best suits us. Of course these can be used to print Signs, Instruction Manuals, Telephone Lists, Presentation Covers, Reference sheets and other frequently used documents, Photographs and images of products.
Moreover if you wish to use the film laminating machine regularly and achieve consistent results then, try and find a durable machine with metal casing, steel gears and four rollers. Also, guarantee offered with a product is very essential. Thinking about these facts, you can now make an estimate of what would suit you the most.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Keychains for Promotional Giveaways and More!

Businesses are constantly trying to find ways to promote their products or services using different strategies or marketing tools. Whether you are trying to advertise and raise awareness for your company by giving out free promotional products, or sell something with your brand name and logo printed on them, you can't go wrong either way. Some companies like looking for personalized items they can give out to their clients and customers which they will constantly use on their everyday lives and at the same time promote their business. Some of the most popular products to purchase in bulk and get customized these days are custom keychains. Key chains are used every day by people of all ages to carry with them their house keys or office keys. Therefore giving these out at tradeshows, conventions, conferences or other promotional giveaway events can be just what you need to expand your clientele and leave a great impression of your company to everyone.
There are many establishments such as hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines and even theme parks that love purchasing personalized keychains in wholesale so that they can sell as souvenirs to their customers and guests. This is also a form of marketing. Because people will carry these key chains wherever they may go, they will always have your logo or information displayed and constantly reminding them of your great services. Both metal and plastic keychains tend to be popular amongst these places and they're one of the top selling items as souvenir shops. Most sell them with names or graphic designs having to do with the company. Using products such as promotional keychains to advertise has proven to be a great cost-effective way of marketing. You can purchase them in bulk amounts and at low prices all while getting the attention and recognition you seek. People often tend to think of key chains as regular items that have no special or creative designs. Nowadays there are hundreds of different unique designs and types of customizable keychains. There are bottle opener keychains, carabiner keychains, flashlight keychains and even photo keychains with all sorts of shapes such as hearts, stars, trucks and houses. So whenever you think of getting them to use to promote your company you won't have to worry about giving out conventional or boring products to your customers and clients. A lot of party planners and brides have started using custom keychains to give out as party and wedding favors. Because of the variety in designs and low prices, they tend to be one of the first products they search for when looking for ideal favors. From key lights to bottle opener keychains, they all tend to be crowd pleasers. Photo keychains are also great because you can give them out with special images or leave them empty so your family and friends can put their own pictures in them.
For men, Metal Bottle Opener Keychain must be a good choice, because it not only can be used as accessories can also be used as a tool for opening beer. For more personalized and custom keychains please visit our website of baghangermanufacturer.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Use Office Business Card Holder As a Professional Way of Gifting

Those who want to find business promotion items for their organization have many options. However, most marketers choose office and stationary products since they are universally used and are in daily use by a person in the office or in the home. Among the various promotional gifts suitable for the office desk, business card holders are among the ideal gifts since any businessperson or commercial executive uses business cards daily. One stamped with your logo will help to remind the professional of your company with every use.
Customized office business card holders are superior items for corporate gifting. It is a stylish way of promoting the company's brand name among the clients. Moreover, the item is frequently used and they last for a long period. Custom office business card holders are very effective in promoting the company's image when busy executives use them for travel. These card holders are available in varieties of styles and materials. Choosing the perfect item allows the buyers to imprint with logo, text and other details of the company. It is easy to build up the team relationship among the employees of an organization by way of providing them with their own personalized business card holders.
The success of any business organization depends on not only developing new clients but also retaining the existing clients. Building up warm and cordial business relationship is the effective way to keep clients. When clients think about your company in a pleasant and comfortable way they will be happy to share their experiences with others. These valuable promotional business card holders help the company to support business relationship with the existing clients and recruit new clients.
These card cases are among the most important office stationary item and considered valuable products. Office Business Card Holder stamped with the logo of the company, insure protection of your client's valuable business information. In addition, every time the client uses their cards, they will think of your company. Office business card holders are among the most elegant accessories for business people and hence distributing them as promotional gifts is a professional way of business promotion. These card holders show the professionalism of the salesperson at trade shows, business conferences and other corporate events. Distribution of such items is the best way to boost the image of your company in the corporate world. Leather ones are ideal to carry and are better than metallic holders or desk type as they transport easily.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Metal Name Card Case For Professional Working

If you ever attend networking events you are sure to see a whole array of business card cases on display: metal ones, leather ones, funky ones, traditional ones. While much is written about what you business card says about you, there is not much about the business card case that you use to carry them in, and yet that is all part of that vital first impression. What use is the most beautifully designed and professional business card if you have to fumble it out of a rather worn plastic wallet to give it to you new contact?
Metal name card case has some dynamic designs in brushed aluminium and stainless steel that are curvy, sleek and very modern. These could have a logo engraved on them or can be plain. Beware of gimmicky cases that promise to slide out one card at the flick of a clip - some of these work but the cheaper ones may not. There's nothing worse than a clever gimmick that doesn't come off when you are trying to make a good impression!
Get into the habit of carrying your card case everywhere you go, so that you always have a business card available even when you aren't at a networking event. When you choose a new card case, make sure it will be comfortable to carry in a pocket, that it is not too heavy and has smooth edges that won't catch in your pocket or handbag. In that way you will be more likely to carry it with you. Our company mainly produced high quality Metal Name Card Case,for more information,please visit our website of baghangermanufacturer.

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